Jun 122015

It was an all lady squad that traveled up to Lake Berryessa to swim in the annual DAM Fast Open Water swims on June 6, 2015. Air temp was warm and water temp was a balmy 73 degrees. Coach Shari and daughter Claire even got into the competition. Congrats to all our lady NUTS who did an outstanding job. For some, it was their first open water swim. We are so proud of you ladies! Love how we are finding our way to compete in postals, pool meets and out in the open water.

Age Group Event Time Swimmer Age Place
13-14 1-Mile Swim 25:18.70 Claire Cruse 14 3rd!!
45-49 1-Mile swim 40:39.20 Shari Cruse 48 12th
50-54 1-Mile swim 39:41.20 Lynn Forsey 53 20th
50-54 1-Mile swim 58:21.25 Lisa Bowen 52 22nd
55-59 1-Mile swim 35:14.45 Erica Sutherland 56 6th
55-59 2-Mile swim 1:02.46.65 Erica Sutherland 56 7th
55-59 Combined 1 & 2 Mile swim 1:38.01.10 Erica Sutherland 56 3rd
55-59 1-Mile swim 38:03.90 Judy Ferguson 58 8th
55-59 1-Mile swim 48:00.45 Kathy Taylor 55 15th
60-64 1-Mile swim 49:50.95 Sue August 61 13th
65-69 1-Mile swim 52:01.75 Nance Rosencranz 66 6th


Berryessa Sue, Kathy, Shari, Lyn and Nance

Sue, Kathy, Shari, Lynn and Nance at the team tent. Shari arranged a post-swim picnic, too!

Berryessa Sue August

Sue August is all smiles finishing up her swim on a beautiful day!

Berryessa Kathy Taylor

Take note! Kathy sprinting in after her mile swim. Way to go Kathy!

Berryessa Erica Sutherland

Erica all smiles on this beautiful day!

Berryessa Nance, Kathy, Shari and Sue

Nance, Kathy, Shari and Sue sporting their Berryessa t-shirts

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