May 012016

It’s May so it must be Check-off Challenge time! Every year in May, our team takes on the USMS  “Check-Off Challenge” in a different fashion than most teams. We’re NUTS after all, right? Instead of spreading it out over the year, we NUTS challenge ourselves to do this in one workout…or perhaps in two workouts…or, ok let’s get real here, some of us spread it out over the entire month of May. And yes, we wear equipment, take breaks, fudge our fly, and do anything we want to survive this challenge.

Whatever your choice, one workout or one month, this year we’d like to do this for a cause. As many of you know, there are several members of our team who have battled cancer (over 10% of our team) or even those of us whose lives have been touched by cancer with our friends, family members and co-workers.

So we thought this year that taking on the Check Off Challenge could help others take on their fight with cancer. While there is no obligation, we’d love for as many of you as possible to commit to doing the Check Off Challenge this year and join our friends at Swim Across America (SAA) to help raise funds for cancer treatment and cancer research. All of our donations will be added to the SAA San Francisco swim which benefits UCSF Children’s Hospital in San Francisco and USCF Pediatric Cancer Research at Oakland.

Our Swim Across America donation site is: and it looks like this screen shot below. Important! When you click the Donate button on the main page it takes you to the next page. There, click the link which says or click here to give directly. Don’t bother putting in any names!

SAA Swymnuts

Make a bet with your family and friends on what you’ll do and how you might accomplish the Challenge. You win the bet – they donate. They win the bet – you donate. Or heck, just donate even if there is not a snowball’s chance in heck of you doing the Challenge. 😇

Our coaches will be equipped with cards to give you listing the 18-events for you to track your swims. You can choose to do those events in a series of practices or come to the following practices dedicated solely to the Checkoff Challenge.

  • Lucas Valley – Saturday, 5-21 from 6:30AM-8:30AM
  • IVC – Saturday, 5-28 from 10:00AM-12:00PM
  • IVC – Monday, 5-30 from 7:00AM-9:00A

Let’s do it for everyone out there who has been impacted by any form of cancer. Cancer sucks and we need to hit back hard!

For those interested, you can enter the USMS event online using this link. Why do so? Well, for $30, you get a custom-designed Check-Off Challenge towel and swim cap with the below logo, and a certificate of completion for slogging it out. Heck, why not go for the gusto?


Apr 282016

We are incredibly excited to have Sutter Health Novato Community Hospital Bone & Joint Program as our official Health Care Sponsor! In 2016 we formed a partnership with them and they helped to fund our first-ever Adult Learn-to-Swim Program. On top of that, they will sponsor us annually at events such as ALTS, clinics, etc.

Here’s a little bit about them. I can vouch for them 100% having had – ahem – a few surgeries there such as shoulder work, elbow tendon repair and  even  knee replacement. My care was always absolutely top notch and I came through with full recovery each time. I really do believe they treat you like you are a family member!

The Bone & Joint Program at Sutter Novato Community Hospital provides comprehensive, specialized services or treating conditions of the knee, hip, back, spine,shoulder, hand, arm, wrist, foot and ankle.

We are much more than a hospital stay. Whether it is a minimally invasive procedure or a surgery, our specialists help you determine the best treatment for you to maintain your lifestyle. Our program provides exceptional quality care and dedicated staff partnering with you, through your healing process. It’s how we plus you.

We will be working with Sutter Health to schedule a free shoulder seminar for our team members with Dr. Dan Solomon in the near future.




Apr 142016

The following 5 videos show the teaching progression we used for our Adult Learn-to-Swim program modeled after Coach Kerry O’Brien’s Free Flow Freestyle program used by the Walnut Creek Masters. We are ever so grateful for his design and creativity!

The videos should play back-to-back and you can pause them whenever you want. When we use this in the classroom and in our training, we pause after each skill and demonstrate or answer questions the participants may have. They are back-to-back here simply to allow quick access to view the progressions.

And for videos and pictures of our program in action, we have two links for you:

  • For pictures of our sessions, go here: Pictures ALTS April-May 2016
  • For videos of our participants in action, go here: Videos ALTS April-May 2016


Jan 112016

Congrats to our 6 swimmers who competed in the Santa Rosa Flower Power meet this past weekend. It was a first time affair for Tyler who managed a solid 100 free and set a team record. Hiroe Bell enjoyed her first meet as a Swymnut and also set two new team records and narrowly missed out on National Qualifying Times. Mimi took 16 seconds off her 200 breast and wasn’t even winded (so we know she has an even faster time awaiting her). Anice swam 5 events landing first place in all. Cassandra and Jane rounded up the competition with very good swims for this first meet of the year.

Coach Marlon ran the show and videotaped all the races. I’ll update this page with the link to the races once they are down uploading. Meanwhile, here are the results for our Swymnut Masters

2016 Flower Power SCY 010916

Full results for the meet can be found here. 

Team NUTS at Santa Rosa

Oct 122015

We may have had a small turnout at the Pac Masters Short Course Meters Champs, but it was a powerful one! Six lady Swymnuts traveled to Walnut Creek and what a show they gave! They set 14 new team records, 9 lifetime best swims and 13 swims were their personal bests in their current age group. They combined for four relays taking two firsts, a second and a third. Among 37 teams with female swimmers, our ladies scored 7th place, an amazing accomplishment given the fact that three of our swimmers could only come one day.

2015 Pac SCM Champs 101015

Cassandra, Elizabeth, Mimi and Kate with big smiles after their first place in the 400 Free Relay with a new team record.

Cassandra, Elizabeth, Mimi and Kate with big smiles after their first place in the 400 Free Relay with a new team record.

Mimi, Jane, Erica, Cokie, Elizabeth and Kate wrapping up the meet on Sunday. These 5 ladies combined for some serious team points and more team records on both relays this day and individual team records as well

Mimi, Jane, Erica, Cokie, Elizabeth and Kate wrapping up the meet on Sunday. These 5 ladies combined for some serious team points and more team records on both relays this day and individual team records as well

Sep 292015

It was the final weekend for official open water swims in Pacific Masters. Once again the Swymnuts rose to the occasion and showed their stuff. We had 6 Swymnuts and a soon-to-be Swymnut enter and complete their swims. A special congratulations to Brad Beach and Amy Probst with their first ever open water competition! Nicole Cibellis is our soon to be NUT and she posted a very fast half mile wetsuit swim, placing first in her age group, also a first time open water swim for her. She’s got a background as a 500 freestyler, so you can bet I’ve already begun casting my “swim meet charms” to her.

I think I was most proud to have all three pools represented at this swim. We had Sue August and Nance Rosencranz representing the JCC contingent (and Nicole is from there as well). We had Brad Beach representing the IVC group. We had Mary Piel, Amy Probst and Mary Sackett representing our Lucas Valley 5:30 swimmers. We only missed out on our 8:15 LV group and that’s because one of the swimmers who had signed up was sick.

Lots and lots of photos are posted on our team SmugMug page which you can find here. Here are a few to whet your whistle along with our tally of all the open water swim results for the Swymnuts in 2015.

2015 Open Water Results

Scoping out the course Amy, Mary P, Mary S, Nicole

Scoping out the course Amy, Mary P, Mary S, Nicole

Map of the Course Info

Map of the Course Info

Mary S, Amy P, Mary P pre-race

Mary S, Amy P, Mary P pre-race

Nicole C finishing fast!

Nicole C finishing fast!

Amy P looking good - finishing up her 1 mile

Amy P looking good – finishing up her 1 mile

Brad Beach wrapping up his .5 mile swim

Brad Beach wrapping up his .5 mile swim

Sue August with the end of the 1-mile

Sue August with the end of the 1-mile

Mary Piel running in after her 2-mile swim

Mary Piel running in after her 2-mile swim

The beginning of the race

The beginning of the race

Nance R and Amy P were just 3 seconds apart at the finish of the 1-mile

Nance R and Amy P were just 3 seconds apart at the finish of the 1-mile

Sep 292015

There may have been only three Swymnuts at Mountain View this past Sunday, but they were really quite mighty. Jane Mothersill, Diana Peroni and Mimi Willard were the three amigos at this fun meet and all did quite well. Jane set her very first short course meters team record taking on the grueling 400 IM. When I asked her after her swim whether she’d do it again, she actually smiled and said she would. Crazy NUT. She also swam a solid 50 back and a 200 breast (her first in the short course meters venue) in a great time.

Diana Peroni swam her usual 200 fly (I mean, really? I’m not even sure if there is another NUT that can muster one in practice Diana.). She followed that with a 200 IM and a really nice 50 fly. On the 200 fly she narrowly missed her own team record.

Mimi was, simply put, on fire. After a “what, everyone has left the block??” type of start on her 200 Free, she settled in just missing her best time. Not to be discouraged, she tackled four more events, setting personal bests, lifetime bests and team records in all four swims (two of which were back-to-back the 200 Back and the 400 Free). Whoa!

Great job ladies, see you in Davis.

Full results for our team are here. 2015 Mtn View SCM 092715

Full results for the entire meet (with splits) are here:

Sep 042015

Swymnut Masters is excited to present a freestyle clinic at Indian Valley College on Sunday, September 13th from 11am-1pm. The clinic will be lead by Head Coach Cokie Lepinski, 2014 U.S. Master’s Swimming Coach of The Year, along with our incredibly friendly and oh-so-talented Swymnut coaches Susie Powell, Shari Cruse, Marlon Woolf and Nicole Coll. Please feel free to download the flyer below and share this information with your swim friends.

This swim clinic is open to adult swimmers (18+) who can swim at least 2 laps (50 yards) of freestyle without stopping. Pre-registration is required and you must reserve your spot before 9am on September 12th. The cost is $25 and payment is due the day of the clinic. Cash or checks payable to Swymnut Masters. The clinic is limited to 50 participants. Participants must be 2015 members of U.S. Masters Swimming. If you have never been a member of U.S. Masters Swimming, please contact Coach Cokie Lepinski at the email address listed on the flyer (or use the contact Coach Cokie box on the right side of this page).

The flyer details what we will cover which will range from stroke fundamentals to open water skills to tips and techniques for pool competitors. There will be an option to learn block dive starts and flip turns.

The first segment of the clinic will have all competitors learning or reviewing some core concepts to a good freestyle stroke. This will include on deck demonstrations, in water demonstrations and participants working through various drills and focal points. As we assess the ability levels of the participants we will begin to break into smaller groups allowing much more interaction with our skilled coaches. This approach will enable participants to choose instruction specific to their own needs such as open water skills or tips and techniques geared toward freestylers in swim meet competitions.

Equipment to bring:

  • Swimsuit, Cap, Goggles
  • Towel, water and or fuel replacement drink
  • Fins and snorkels are welcome!

Parking is free at IVC on Sundays!

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Cokie Lepinski

Swymnuts Freestyle Clinic Flyer 091315

Sep 012015

Ah the blessed frustration of it all. Swimmers who come to the pool without their water bottle. Makes me want to stomp up and down and throw a hissy fit. But my fine upbringing (yeah, right) stops me from such a public display.

All joking aside, you should not be working out at any activity without some form of hydration. Do you have any idea what happens to your body and your mind when it is dehydrated? We are talking some serious repercussions. Stop messing around and bring your water bottle. Don’t let me get all Ninja on you!


Now, if you’ve stopped laughing, time to get serious and educate yourself. Check out this interesting and short video on just what happens when you mess around with the Hydration Gods.