Jan 112016

MusclesAs swimmers, we often feel pretty fit and definitely have a bias toward being in the water for our exercise. But, it is critically important to your health and well-being to also incorporate land-based training. You need to establish and maintain strength, stretching and balance (which goes as we age).

Doing so will really help your swimming and especially help your shoulders which can take quite a beating in the pool. It’s also a nice way to simply change things up. You might surprise yourself with how good it feels, so give it a go!

We’re no different than pitchers with our astronomical repetition count on those shoulders. Think I’m kidding? Next time you are in the pool, count just your freestyle strokes. Every single freestyle stroke. Now multiply that by how many workouts you do each week, each month, each year. Yeah, it really adds up.

Help your shoulders, improve your core stability, and strengthen your hips, glutes and legs by doing land-based exercises. You don’t need to have a gym membership. Hiking, walking, and running are good, but sometimes you don’t have that much time. So make the most out of the time you have and try incorporating workout options you can do right in your own home.

For a no-cost option look no further than Darbee.com. I stumbled on this site recently and am blown away by the number of offerings they have. You can do the workout straight from their web browser or download a PDF of that day’s challenge. There are hundreds of workouts here and many require no equipment at all. Be sure and read Darbee’s overview and instruction manual before you set off doing the routines. And, know your limits! Start small and build. After all, we don’t want you missing any pool time, right?

Take the challenge and broaden your fitness horizons. You’ll love the feel and your swimming will probably improve if you stick with it. Happy exercising!

Here’s the link to get an overview of the variety of programs Darbee offers. http://darebee.com/programs.html

Here are some samples of the workouts you can download from Darbee. Each workout also lets you know who it is geared toward and what muscles are worked. How cool is that?

Hear Me Roar for Ladies

Purgatory HIIT Workout

Sun Salutation Yoga Workout


Dec 242015

One of the disadvantages we have as swimmers is that while swimming is so good for you in so many ways, it isn’t ideal for building and maintaining healthy bones. It is important to work strength training and weight bearing exercises into your routine to supplement the benefits swimming gives you. This is a great article on how just 12-minutes spent on these Yoga poses can help improve your bone health.

12 Poses of Yoga

For the full article click this link:


Oct 192015

Some sound advice from SwimSwam on what to eat and when after working out. An extract from their article which you can find in its entirety by clicking the link below.

Post-workout nutrition has three basic ideas:

  • The body deals with nutrients differently at different times, depending on activity.
  • What you consume before, during, and especially after your workout is important.
  • By consuming particular nutrients after your workouts, you improve your body composition, performance, and overall recovery.

With the basic ideas, post-workout nutrition has three specific purposes:

  • Replenish glycogen
  • Decrease protein breakdown
  • Increase protein synthesis


Sep 012015

Ah the blessed frustration of it all. Swimmers who come to the pool without their water bottle. Makes me want to stomp up and down and throw a hissy fit. But my fine upbringing (yeah, right) stops me from such a public display.

All joking aside, you should not be working out at any activity without some form of hydration. Do you have any idea what happens to your body and your mind when it is dehydrated? We are talking some serious repercussions. Stop messing around and bring your water bottle. Don’t let me get all Ninja on you!


Now, if you’ve stopped laughing, time to get serious and educate yourself. Check out this interesting and short video on just what happens when you mess around with the Hydration Gods.

May 052015

Dr. G. John Mullen is one of my favorite Dryland specialists out there. A swimmer himself, a physical therapist, and a guy that really understands how our bodies work, I find myself reading his blogs regularly. I come away knowing so much more. Today this landed in my reading feeds and the timing is perfect as I talked to a few swimmers about this subject this week. 

Many of us are week in our thoracic spine region. We cannot afford to be. So get off the couch and do these exercises! 
Thoracic Spine Mobility in Swimmers