Jul 062015

We had one lone Swymnut take on a distance swim challenge. Ibis Teasdale did her first 5K swim (3.2 miles) in beautiful Lake Del Valle on Saturday, June 13, 2015. Air temp was hot (high 80s, low 90s) and water was about 72 degrees and Ibis wore a full wetsuit. Can’t believe she did 5K in those conditions in a wetsuit. Way to go Ibis!

Age Group Event Time Swimmer Age Place
Open Wetsuit 5K Swim 1:56:54.65 Ibis Teasdale 29 6th

Lake Del Valle OWS

Jun 122015

It was an all lady squad that traveled up to Lake Berryessa to swim in the annual DAM Fast Open Water swims on June 6, 2015. Air temp was warm and water temp was a balmy 73 degrees. Coach Shari and daughter Claire even got into the competition. Congrats to all our lady NUTS who did an outstanding job. For some, it was their first open water swim. We are so proud of you ladies! Love how we are finding our way to compete in postals, pool meets and out in the open water.

Age Group Event Time Swimmer Age Place
13-14 1-Mile Swim 25:18.70 Claire Cruse 14 3rd!!
45-49 1-Mile swim 40:39.20 Shari Cruse 48 12th
50-54 1-Mile swim 39:41.20 Lynn Forsey 53 20th
50-54 1-Mile swim 58:21.25 Lisa Bowen 52 22nd
55-59 1-Mile swim 35:14.45 Erica Sutherland 56 6th
55-59 2-Mile swim 1:02.46.65 Erica Sutherland 56 7th
55-59 Combined 1 & 2 Mile swim 1:38.01.10 Erica Sutherland 56 3rd
55-59 1-Mile swim 38:03.90 Judy Ferguson 58 8th
55-59 1-Mile swim 48:00.45 Kathy Taylor 55 15th
60-64 1-Mile swim 49:50.95 Sue August 61 13th
65-69 1-Mile swim 52:01.75 Nance Rosencranz 66 6th


Berryessa Sue, Kathy, Shari, Lyn and Nance

Sue, Kathy, Shari, Lynn and Nance at the team tent. Shari arranged a post-swim picnic, too!

Berryessa Sue August

Sue August is all smiles finishing up her swim on a beautiful day!

Berryessa Kathy Taylor

Take note! Kathy sprinting in after her mile swim. Way to go Kathy!

Berryessa Erica Sutherland

Erica all smiles on this beautiful day!

Berryessa Nance, Kathy, Shari and Sue

Nance, Kathy, Shari and Sue sporting their Berryessa t-shirts

Jun 122015

The Hubbard-Piel family (Kyle, Will and Mary) along with Erica Sutherland and Ron Evans competed in the Spring Lake Open Water swim in Santa Rosa on May 16, 2015. It is the opening swim in the Pacific Masters open water swim series. Took awhile to get the results, but here they are! Congrats to our strong Swymnut Masters team!

Age Group,Event,Time,Swimmer,Age,Place

18-24,1-Mile,27:26.95,Wil Hubbard,20,4th

55-59,1-Mile,34:39.10,Kyle Hubbard,56,7th

55-59,1-Mile,26:39.85,Mary Hubbard,59,9th

55-59,1-Mile,25:41.70,Erica Sutherland,55,5th

Wetsuit,1-Mile,22:55.05,Ron Evans,56,3rd


Apr 092015

Congratulations to Mary Sackett for her 1500m swim in the Marin Swim event on Saturday, April 4th. Mary braved some tricky currents, choppy water and windy conditions for this 1500m swim which she finished in 34.45. Nice job Mary! Full results for the Marin Swim can be found hereMarin Swim.

Aug 052014

Kate Eby was in Oregon this past weekend for some open water swimming. Turns out not just the State of CA, OR and WA are on fire, so was Kate. She drives up to Cascade Lakes Oregon to compete in some open water events. Some you say? How about 4 swims?!? Saturday was the 500 meter and 1500 meter swim. Sunday was the 5K and 1000 meter swim. How’d she do? Holy smokes! First, second, second, third in the individual swims and FIRST overall for her age group.

She definitely fits as a NUT! Way to go Kate, we are all proud of you!

Oh yeah, by the way, on her return home, they closed the freeway she had used to travel from Sacramento to Oregon. That led to a 200 mile detour to get home. All the more time to savor those incredible swims. Kate Eby Cascade Lake OR

Aug 052014

On Saturday, July 19th, Swymnut Mary Sackett competed in an Olympic distance 1500 meter swim off McNears Beach as part of the Marin Swim competition. This was the second annual event for Marin Swim. Mary loved it and did fantastic, finishing in a 29:20. Full results for the Marin Swim can be found here. Congratulations Mary!!

Aug 052014

Four Swymnuts traveled up to Lake Tahoe to swim in the TransTahoe Relay. This is truly one of the best and most beautiful open water venues out there! Despite the reputation of Lake Tahoe being very cold, word has it that this year it was in the high 60s and quite lovely. No wetsuits are allowed at this event! All four said they’d do it again in a heartbeat. Congrats to each of our hearty and nutty Swymnuts!

  • Stacey Ellison – who swam on The Pirates who were in the Open Division. Their relay finished in a time of 4:29.40
  • Cathy Stone & Terry Powers – who swam on A Family Stone who were in the Mixed 180+ group and finished in a time of 5:17.48 (Cathy, hubby Mike, their kids and Terry who is adopted now into their family)
  • Erica Sutherland – who swam with The North Bay Nautigals group who were also in the Open Division. They finished in a 4:38.48

Next year we’re planning on targeting this as a team effort, so let Coach Cokie know if you are interested. In 2015 the date for TransTahoe is Saturday, July 18th. Ideally, you’ll drive up Friday, swim the event Saturday and either come home Saturday night or add another night in Tahoe and make it a weekend!

Full results of this year’s TransTahoe can be found here.

Stacey Ellison TranssTahoe 2014

Stacey looking relaxed before her leg of the relay


Terry and Cathy tagging to exchange in the water

Terry and Cathy tagging to exchange in the water

Terry and Cathy Tahoe

Terry and Cathy on the boat while someone else is doing the hard work!

Oct 302013

Erica Sutherland and Coach Cokie Lepinski both competed in the Lake del Valle Open Water swims on June 9th. We actually swam two open water swims each that day, both without wetsuits (definitely didn’t need them). The first was the USMS 1-Mile Open Water Championships. The second was a 2.5K swim held about 45 minutes after the first race. The water was low 70s, air temp very comfortable and conditions great for the first swim and a little choppy on the second swim as the wind came up. Still, it was a gorgeous day! These two swims were Erica’s first open water competitions, and she was terrific. I think she might be hooked, too!

Age Group Event Time Swimmer Age Place
50-54 1 Mile swim 27:04.80 Cokie Lepinski 54 6th
50-54 1 Mile swim 31:32.10 Erica Sutherland 54 11th
50-54 2.5K swim 46:42.20 Cokie Lepinski 54 7th
50-54 2.5K swim 55:01.35 Erica Sutherland 54 11th


Results for the USMS 1-Mile National Championship can be found here.

Results for the 2.5K swim can be found here.