Apr 142017

2017 Open Water Competitions:

Date Distances Location Info or Reg Link Misc
5-20 Spring Lake OW Santa Rosa info and reg here
6-3 Lake Berryessa OW Lake Berryessa info and reg here
6-10/11 Lake del Valle OW Lake del Valle (near Livermore) info & reg here
7-29 Santa Cruz Roughwater Santa Cruz not yet posted watch here or here
7-30 Cruz Cruise Santa Cruz not yet posted watch here or here
8-12 Donner Lake Truckee not yet posted watch here or here. Fills up fast!
The Sierra Open Water Swim Series – a series of swims at or around Tahoe with .5 mile 1.2 and 2.4 mile distances with wetsuit and non-wetsuit divisions. Info and reg links here

June 10th – Sand Harbor OW Swim

July 22nd – Truckee OW Swim

Aug 26th – Lake Tahoe OW Swim