2016 Grand Prix


2016 Grand Prix Cloud

Our 2016 Grand Prix Challenge is underway and open to all team members. The challenge is to get you involved in as many swimming activities as possible. The event runs throughout the year and you have plenty of opportunities to gather the points you need to score pretty cool prizes.

The Grand Prix Challenge awards our Masters swimmers for participating in swim related competitions (swim meets, triathlons, and/or open water swims) along with all kinds of other special events throughout the year such as USMS postals and even our own internal team activities like social events and volunteering in our Adult Learn to Swim Program. Here’s how the challenge works.

You can pick up a tally card from any of our coaches or better yet, just download one with the link you’ll find at the bottom of this post.

Use the information posted here on our website to know the qualifying events and points. When you have completed an event, write it in and then present your card to one of our coaches for their initials verifying your accomplishment. In December, turn in your card with points tallied and we order up your prize(s)!

There are four levels of achievement and the level of your award depends on the level of your participation. Below are some of the award categories and qualifying events (we might add more as the year progresses).

Grand Prix Champion – 30+ points

Grand Prix Gold Award – 24-29 points

Grand Prix Silver Award – 18-23 points

Grand Prix Bronze Award – 12-17 points

Qualifying Events

Swim Meets & Open Water Swims

  • Each non championship swim meet or open water swim that you participate in earns you 1 point.
  • Championship meets and National Championship Open Water Swims earn 2 points for each day you compete. If you swim the max number of individual events in those meets or open water swims, you add 1 more point. Qualifying events are:
    • Pac Masters Champs
    • USMS Nationals
    • FINA Worlds
    • PanAm Games
    • National Senior Games
    • World Masters Games


  • Ironman Triathlons (140.6) are worth 4 points.
  • All other triathlons are worth 2 points. If you are on a relay triathlon you must be the swimmer on the swim leg! After all, we are a swim team.

Postal Events

  • Postals events are worth 2 points. Some popular postal events:
    • the January One Hour Swim
    • the Check Off Challenge (all year, but we do it as a team challenge in May)
    • the 5K or 10K pool swims, May 15 to Sept 15
      the 3000 or 6000 pool swims  (25Y or 25m pools), Sept 15 to Nov 15
    • the Davis Brute Squad, November
    • the 400 Kick For Time, December

Attendance & Mileage Goals

  • Our “30-30” attendance challenge event earns you a whopping 5 points each time you swim at least 30 minutes of practice for 30 continuous Swymnut practices in the year. Example: you swim any workout (LV, IVC or JCC) on Monday-Saturday for a total of 30 practices in a row without missing one. You can come at different times and to different pools, you just have to make our Monday-Saturday practice offerings in a row each week until you hit 30.
  • Mileage goals – track your swim miles using the USMS.org Go The Distance program
    • Log 250 miles of swimming in the year and earn 1 point, or…
      • Log 500 miles and earn 2 points, or…
        • Log 750 miles and earn 3 points, or…
          • Log 1000+ miles and earn 5 points

Team Events & Volunteering

  • Team socials. Come to a hosted team social event and earn 1 point
  • Volunteer in our 2016 Adult Learn to Swim Program and earn 1 point for each block of time you are in the water with one of our participants
  • Volunteer to help plan and be involved with our annual team party (probably April or May) and earn 3 points

2016 Grand Prix Tally Card